List of Accepted Paper

Here are the list of accepted papers. If your paper does not appear in the list but you have received an acceptance notification from us, please contact our secretariat.


Paper ID Paper Title Accepted
2001 Understanding the Online Customer Shopping Behavior: The Interrelated Role of Website Image, Customer Review and Perceived Risk YES
2002 A Review of Modern Gadgets and Their Influence on Malaysian Youths YES
2003 The attitudinal behaviour of university students in committing plagiarism: The untold story YES
2004 Youth acceptance towards organ donation policy in Malaysia YES
2005 Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Excellence in Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa Program at Universiti Teknologi MARA YES
2006 The New Students Adaptation to University YES
2007 Time Series Analysis of Gold Price in Malaysia Using Box-Jenkins Models YES
2008 The Influences of Attitudes , Integrity, Value Consciousness and Social Influence On Purchasing Intention Towards Counterfeit Products YES
2009 A Conceptual paper: The Influence of Training towards the Organizational Performance YES
2010 Sleep As an Indicator of Depression Level Using Naïve Bayes YES
2011 Prediction of Secondary Public School Based on Parents’ Preferences Using Naïve Bayes YES
2012 Classification and Prediction on School Children for Food Intake Attitude toward Food and Beverage Advertising on Television: KFC as a Case Study YES
2016 A Preliminary Study of Malaysian Public Officer reactions towards CEUPACS proposal of 62 years of Retirement Age YES
2017 The Reform of Companies Act: Implications to Business in Malaysia YES
2019 Discovering Sustainable Growth Of
3rd Generation in Federal Land Development Authority (Felda)
Felda Lurah Bilut Community, Raub District
2020 I2B Game: A Stimulating Approach in Teaching and Learning YES
2021 Tourist Fulfilment and Revisit Intention Antecedent of Culinary
Experience on Malaysian
2022 Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention Antecedent of Atmospheric in Chinese Muslim Restaurants YES
2024 The Feasibility of Malaysian Whistle Blower Protection Act YES
2025 Gamification of Introductory Accounting Course: When is the best time to implement it? YES
2026 Student’s Perceptions towards Economic Subject YES
2027 The Law of Defamation & Ghibah:
The Comparative Study Between Civil Law and Islamic Law
2029 The Effect of Visual Merchandising
on Buyer’s Impulse Purchase Decision
2030 Exploring ESL Learners’ Language Ability in Speaking Assessment and Its Effects on Anxiety Level and Turn-Taking Strategies YES
2031 A 0-1 Integer Programming Model For Exam Invigilators Assignment Problem YES
2033 Local Agenda 21: Stakeholders issues that hinders towards Malaysia’s 21st Century Sustainable Development Program YES
2035 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Malaysia: SL1M As Capacity Development Program YES
2036 Quality of Experiences through Online Assessment in Cloud Learning Platform YES
2038 Environmental Reporting Guidelines for Malaysian SMEs to be Equally Accountable YES
2039 Corporate Sustainability and The Role of Management Control System in Organisational Effectiveness: A Literature Review YES
2040 Sertu Cleansing Operations Towards Halal Integrity: A Literary Insight YES
2041 Designing an ESD Module Package on Net Neutral Renewable Energy Application for Aboriginal Community YES
2044 Factors Influencing Post-Purchase Dissonance of Proton Owners YES
2045 Essays on Relationship between Education and Economic Growth YES
2046 Effectiveness of Road to Success (RoSE) Game: a Pilot Study YES
2047 Students’ Perception on Game Based Learning YES
2048 Targeted Sales Location Decision Making from E-Commerce Website Using Digital Analytics Data YES
2049 Awareness Among Bumiputera Parents in Kuantan, Pahang Towards Children Education Takaful Plan YES
2050 An insight of the Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) activities in Malaysia. YES
2051 Understanding Consumers’ Behaviour towards Online Shopping YES
2052 Conceptual Discussion of Exceptional Demand Determinants in Malaysia YES
2053 Factors Influencing Patients’ Satisfaction towards Services Provided by Mahkota Medical Centre, Melaka: Conceptual Discussion YES
2054 Employees’ organizational citizenship behaviour toward the environment in response to environmental management practices: A proposed mediation model YES
2055 Ihsan and Creativity in Students’ Product Innovation: A Case Study of Innovation Show Event at UiTM Pahang YES
2056 The Non-Financial Performance of Malaysia Small and Medium Family Businesses YES
2057 Theorem Proposition on Personal Risk Awareness  among Employees at MISC Berhad, Kuala Lumpur YES

Important Date

Abstract Deadline:
30 March 201715 April 2017
Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
28 April 2017
Full Paper Deadline:
31 May 201716 June 2017
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance:
14 June 2017
Camera-ready Paper Deadline:
7 July 2017
Participant Registration Deadline: 1 July 2017