Parallel Session

Venue : C2TEC4
Moderator : Pn. Nursyaidatul Kamar Md Shah

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2049 Noor Junaini Arwin Yaacob Awareness Among Bumiputera Parents in Kuantan, Pahang Towards Children Education Takaful Plan
2 11.15-11.30 2057 Noor Junaini Arwin Yaacob Theorem Proposition on Personal Risk Awareness  among Employees at MISC Berhad, Kuala Lumpur
3 11.30-11.45 2016 Shamsinar binti Rahman A Preliminary Study of Malaysian Public Officer reactions towards CEUPACS proposal of 62 years of Retirement Age
4 11.45-12.00 2017 Nur Syafiqah Hussin The Reform of Companies Act: Implications to Business in Malaysia
5 12.00-12.15 2024 Mohd Rozaimy Bin Ridzuan The Feasibility of Malaysian Whistle Blower Protection Act
6 12.15-12.30 2027 Suria Fadhillah Md Pauzi The Law of Defamation & Ghibah:
The Comparative Study Between Civil Law and Islamic Law
7 12.30-12.45 2026 Adibah Hussin Student’s Perceptions towards Economic Subject
8 12.45-1.00 2045 Fadli Dali Essays on Relationship between Education and Economic Growth.


Venue : C2TEC5

Moderator : En. Rozain Daud

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2003 Azman Che Omar The attitudinal behaviour of university students in committing plagiarism: The untold story
2 11.15-11.30 2005 Normala Ismail Factors Affecting Students’ Academic Excellence in Mengubah Destini Anak Bangsa Program at Universiti Teknologi MARA
3 11.30-11.45 2020 Mohd Aidil Riduan Awang Kader I2B Game: A Stimulating Approach in Teaching and Learning
4 11.45-12.00 2021 Massyittah Binti Omar Tourist Fulfilment and Revisit Intention Antecedent of Culinary Experience on Malaysian
5 12.00-12.15 2039 Roshidi Hassan Corporate Sustainability and The Role of Management Control System in Organisational Effectiveness: A Literature Review
6 12.15-12.30 2040 Noorsiah Ahmad Sertu Cleansing Operations Towards Halal Integrity: A Literary Insight
7 12.30-12.45 2055 Saida Farhanah Sarkam Ihsan and Creativity in Students’ Product Innovation: A Case Study of Innovation Show Event at UiTM Pahang


Venue : C2TEC6

Moderator : Pn. Azniza Ahmad Zaini

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2001 Wan Kalthom Yahya Understanding the Online Customer Shopping Behavior: The Interrelated Role of Website Image, Customer Review and Perceived Risk
2 11.15-11.30 2022 Siti Nor Fadillah Binti Ahmad Shariff Customer Satisfaction and Revisit Intention Antecedent of Atmospheric in Chinese Muslim Restaurants
3 11.30-11.45 2029 Ahmad Humaam Bin A Shukor The Effect of Visual Merchandising on Buyer’s Impulse Purchase Decision
4 11.45-12.00 2051 Nurul Nadia Abd Aziz Understanding Consumers’ Behaviour towards Online Shopping
5 12.00-12.15 2008 Farahiyah Akmal Mat Nawi The Influences of Attitudes , Integrity, Value Consciousness and Social Influence On Purchasing Intention Towards Counterfeit Products
6 12.15-12.30 2009 Farahiyah Akmal Mat Nawi A Conceptual paper: The Influence of Training towards the Organizational Performance
7 12.30-12.45 2006 Mohamad Kamil Ariff Khalid The New Students Adaptation to University


Venue : C2TEC7

Moderator : Zulazeze Sahri

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2007 Zulazeze Bin Sahri Targeted Sales Location Decision Making from E-Commerce Website Using Digital Analytics Data
2 11.15-11.30 2038 Mohd Norafizal Abd Aziz Quality of Experiences through Online Assessment in Cloud Learning Platform
3 11.30-11.45 2056 Tengku Mardhiah Tengku Jalal Time Series Analysis of Gold Price in Malaysia Using Box-Jenkins Models
4 11.45-12.00 2010 Khairul Nizam Abd Halim Sleep As an Indicator of Depression Level Using Naïve Bayes
5 12.00-12.15 2011 Khairul Nizam Abd Halim Prediction of Secondary Public School Based on Parents’ Preferences Using Naïve Bayes
6 12.15-12.30 2012 Khairul Nizam Abd Halim Classification and Prediction on School Children for Food Intake Attitude toward Food and Beverage Advertising on Television: KFC as a Case Study
7 12.30-12.45 2031 Mazura Mokhtar A 0-1 Integer Programming Model For Exam Invigilators Assignment Problem


Venue : C2TEC8

Moderator : Pn. Norhidayah Md. Yusof

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2019 `Ainatul Fathiyah bt Abdul Rahim, Discovering Sustainable Growth Of 2nd  Generation In Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) Felda Krau Community, Raub District
2 11.15-11.30 2033 Ramha Rozaili Ramli Local Agenda 21: Stakeholders issues that hinders towards Malaysia’s 21st Century Sustainable Development Program
3 11.30-11.45 2041 Siti Mariam Dasman Designing an ESD Module Package on Net Neutral Renewable Energy Application for Aboriginal Community
4 11.45-12.00 2004 Nur Ain Yaacob Youth acceptance towards organ donation policy in Malaysia
5 12.00-12.15 2035 Muhammad Ariff Asyrul Adnan Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) In Malaysia: SL1M As Capacity Development Program
6 12.15-12.30 2050 Noorie Haryaniee Moulton An insight of the Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) activities in Malaysia.
7 12.30-12.45 2054 Ju Soon Yew Employees’ organizational citizenship behaviour toward the environment in response to environmental management practices: A proposed mediation model


Venue : C2TEC9

Moderator : Pn. Zuriani Yaacob

No Time Paper ID First Author’s Name Paper Title
1 11.00-11.15 2036 Zuriani Yaacob A Review of Modern Gadgets and Their Influence on Malaysian Youths
2 11.15-11.30 2048 Nik Zam Nik-Wan Environmental Reporting Guidelines for Malaysian SMEs to be Equally Accountable
3 11.30-11.45 2002 Lai-Kuan, Kong The Non-Financial Performance of Malaysia Small and Medium Family Businesses
4 11.45-12.00 2030 Khairunisa Nikman Exploring ESL Learners’ Language Ability in Speaking Assessment and Its Effects on Anxiety Level and Turn-Taking Strategies
5 12.00-12.15 2025 Mohamad Azmi Nias Ahmad Gamification of Introductory Accounting Course: When is the best time to implement it?
6 12.15-12.30 2046 Hasnizawati Hashim Effectiveness of Road to Success (RoSE) Game: a Pilot Study
7 12.30-12.45 2047 Siti Aishah Mohamad Students’ Perception on Game Based Learning

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30 March 201715 April 2017
Notification of Abstract Acceptance:
28 April 2017
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31 May 201716 June 2017
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance:
14 June 2017
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7 July 2017
Participant Registration Deadline: 1 July 2017